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Organizational Structure

Other Staff:

BA, DO, DA, Le.Ass, Pro.Ass., Pro.Ass.Com, TO, Drftm, RA, PMA, LIB, LDO, Dri, Tra.Ope., LA, Mech, BO, Car, Elec, Ban.Kee, Watc, CatC, MM, GtC, AnC, Grs, O.E.S, Liv.Ass, GL, SL, FA


DG - Director General (Dept. of Animal Production & Health

DD/AH - Deputy Director, Animal Health

ADG - Additional Director General

DD/VR - Deputy Director, Veterinary Research

D/AD - Director, Administration

DD/R - Deputy Director, Research

D/VRA - Director, Veterinary Regulatory Affairs

DD/TS - Deputy Director, Technical Service

D/LPE - Director, Livestock Planning and Economics

DD/LPE - Deputy Director, Livestock Planning and Economics

D/HRD - Director, Human Resource Development

DD/HRD - Deputy Director, Human resource Development

D/AB - Director, Animal Breeding

DD/AB - Deputy Director, Animal Breeding

D/VR - Director, Veterinary Research

DD/DD - Deputy Director, Dairy Development

D/AH - Director, Animal Health

LE - Livestock Economist

CA - Chief Accountant

AD. Ad - Assistant Director/ Administration

CLE - Chief Livestock Economist

SVP - Superintendent of Vaccine Production

CE - Chief Epidemiologist

AQO - Animal Quarantine Officer

VPH.Sp. - Veterinary Public Health Specialist

VRO - Veterinary Research Officer

P.Sc - Principal Scientist

VIO - Veterinary Investigation Officer

DE.Sp. - Dairy Engineering Specialist

VS - Veterinary Surgeon

Vet.In.Sp. - Veterinary Investigation Specialist

LO - Livestock Officer

C.Vac - Chief Vaccinologist

RO - Research Officer

R/AF - Registrar/ Animal Feeds

E - Engineer

R/VD - Registrar/ Veterinary Drugs

AO - Administrative Officer

CAQO - Chief Animal Quarantine Officer

RA/S - Research Assistant/Special

AB.Sp. - Animal Breeding Specialist

LPO - Livestock Promotion Officer

VR.Sp. - Veterinary Reproduction Specialist

Trl - Translator

C.Agro. - Chief Agronomist

I & CTO - Information & Communication Technical Officer

LE.Sp. - Livestock Extension Specialist

SO - Statistical Officer

CIA - Chief Internal Auditor

LDO - Livestock Development Officer

Acct. - Accountant

RA - Research Assistant

Other Staff

Associate Service Officers

Management Assistant Officer

Primary Grade Staff